Andy Heidenreich

Andy was born in 1980 in Bad Reichenhall and grew up near Nuremberg. After graduation he completed several internships at production companies in Munich. During his time at Interteam Munich, he discovered through the work of director Hatto Kurtenbach his passion to create concepts and direct films. During his studies in media production, he was able to deepen his cinematic knowledge and prove his talent in many large and small advertising film productions. Through his expertise in concept development, Andy is very early involved in projects and many customers appreciate his visual approaches from the first idea to the final edit. Andy’s staging is deliberate, creative, but never exaggerated. He is a team player and respectful interaction with his team is extremely important to him.

Andy has directed commercials with personalities such as Thomas Müller, Arjen Robben, Mats Hummels and Heiner Lauterbach; and for companies like BMW, Allianz, Amazon and TAG Heuer

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